CWC Technologies
  Remote Support

Proactive Monitoring of Systems

We constantly monitor your systems so we know before there is a critical situation and resolve it before it becomes costly and to minimize downtime.

Disaster Recovery and Backups

We will create a custom backup and disaster recovery plan designed specifically for your site. We run backup and restore tests on the systems to ensure your data comes back in the event of a disaster.

Antivirus / Spyware Detection

We will have a full antivirus/spyware plan in place and have it monitored to detect threats and minimize down time.

Hardware / Software Audits

We will make sure you are using the exact hardware / software for your company to be the most profitable by utilizing the latest in technology. We also keep these audits on hand locally for the disaster recovery plan.

Hardware Diagnostics

We will monitor the server and make sure that the CPU, memory, disks, and software are running at top performance and catch issues before they happen.